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Customer Journey Roadmap Planning

Developing new products and entering new markets, modernizing systems and moving to digital, transforming operations and the workforce … many organizations require significant transformation. And all changes require focus and resources. Determining direct and indirect impacts as well as costs and benefits is vital.

Developing transformation roadmaps that implement your strategic vision and ensure ROI can be daunting.


CxOs face many questions on:

  • The direction to take 

  • The best growth avenue

  • Opportunities to take advantage of 

  • Capabilities required to reach their destination

  • The right technology strategy and how to implement it

  • Prioritizing transformation initiatives and gaining a good understanding of all dependencies

  • Paying for all investment needed


As trusted advisors, we help you meet the challenges of growing revenue, reducing cost and increasing agility. We view your business holistically and perform objective assessments that inform strategy by evaluating your:


  • Ability to innovate

  • Agility

  • Market position

  • Culture

  • Technology needs


You can implement the actionable roadmaps independently or with our assistance.



MVP’s Customer Journey Roadmap Planning includes: 

  • Current State Assessment

  • Future State Vision Development

  • Gap Analysis & Recommendations

  • Strategy Creation & Alignment

  • Business Case Development

  • Delivery Roadmap Development & Execution

  • Performance Improvement Parameter Determination

  • Operational Target & Success Metric Development

  • Critical Decision Facilitation & Consensus Brokering


MVP’s Customer Journey Roadmap Planning addresses:

  • Gaining competitive advantage

  • Optimizing efficiency

  • Increasing innovation

  • Modernizing technology

  • Increasing agility

  • Reducing cost

  • Increasing growth


Contact Us. We can help.


Segment Leadership

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Russ Bostick

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