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RFI and RFP Resources Managing a No-Fail RFP: The Impact of Stopping and Starting Over

As we stated at the beginning of this series, an RFP creates a clear historical reference to what a client and a vendor thought was needed at a point in time. Since the investment may be put on hold and then have to be re-started at a later date in time, an RFP provides a viable means of going back to the key vendors without losing too much time or money. An RFP, combined with a detailed statement of work, provides a clearer way to hold client and vendor staff accountable for the original goal. There are a lot of permanent IT artifacts in IT. For instance, we spend a great deal of time standardizing approaches to software development and IT operations in order to be able to support and maint

What do you Think - Risky Business

What Do You Think? _____________________________________________________________________________ Risky Business Insurers have always been eager to hand out risk management advice to their customers. Managing risk, after all, is the true definition of insurance. Carriers haven’t always applied the same sense of caution to their own operations—particularly the IT department—where failed projects, aging technology, and a shortage of talented technologists have plagued operations for decades. This month we asked three industry analysts to offer some advice to carriers on one area where risk management in the IT department could be improved. Providing the advice are Rod Travers, executive vice p

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