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The Changing Face of Claims

A steady diet of core modernization is necessary to drive claims innovation and better loss control. For the past several years, claims modernization has led insurers to execute core modernization programs that entirely replace the legacy claims system. These are difficult programs, but have the potential to be a game changer and are typically well worth the effort. Core modernization is a pre-requisite to fast, flexible, and information-rich communications with claimants, policyholders, and third-party service providers. Given today’s volumes and the thirst for new coverages, core modernization is fundamental to executing accurate, timely coverage verification, securing an accurate first no

5 Steps to Successful Change Management in a Transformational World

People can’t be left behind in the process of making technology changes. With so many changes impacting the business landscape, this is an exciting time for the insurance industry. Many insurers are racing to deliver an Amazon-level customer experience, and embracing InsurTech to get there. During this race, it is important to remember the impact of change is closely connected to the human condition within organizations. Many CXO’s and IT leaders struggle with the skills which must be cultivated and the different roles which must be played. It’s time to stop and consider that it won’t matter if the technology that is rapidly becoming the major driver for business changes, if the people are l

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