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Executive Management & Mentoring Services

Insurance organizations cannot afford leadership gaps while due diligence and the search process are carried out. An experienced interim senior executive can lessen negative impact, ensure momentum of critical initiatives and increase organizational stability. Highly experienced interim executives can significantly affect an area in a short period of time, providing the objective insight needed in times of change. They can also seamlessly transition responsibilities to the new hire and provide mentoring to newly hired permanent executives in the role for the first time.

During leadership gaps, our C-level executives help resolve these tough challenges:

  • Continuation of critical program oversight

  • Continued momentum on key initiatives

  • Keeping business strategies aligned through this time of change

  • Achieving an unbiased viewpoint and guidance in selecting the new CXO

  • Ensuring a smooth transition to the new CXO

MVP advisors are seasoned, well-respected C-level executives with decades of insurance experience spanning business operations, technology, sales, financial management and transformation. Having deep expertise in leading insurance industry organizations through succession management, we can quickly assume an interim executive role. We offer balanced, actionable and innovative perspectives to enable growth, improve profitability, manage risk and lower costs. We will help your organization meet significant challenges and guide you through tough times of transition.  

MVP’s Executive Management & Mentoring Solutions includes:

  • Overall day-to-day Executive Management (interim)

  • Roadmap development and execution

  • Program and governance oversight

  • Financial controls management

  • Financial performance monitoring

  • CXO search, selection, onboarding and stabilization

  • Mentoring new leadership in the role for the first time

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