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IT Assessment


Innovative Partners for the Digital Insurance Industry

The Need for IT Assessment

 The pressure to reduce costs, grow revenue and increase agility and innovation can overwhelm any organization.

MVP encourages insurers to start with a rigorous IT assessment before taking a step down a daunting path.

What should the assessment include?

Understanding your IT department's strengths and weaknesses

Establishing priorities for and ownership of essential IT processes

Creating a roadmap for improving key processes

Ensuring that process owners are included in a training and development plan

Value. Results.

 The Value of an MVP IT Assessment

MVP delivers diagnostic benchmarks to assess IT performance & alignment with business goals.

MVP's IT Assessment provides a basis for annually evaluating IT progress toward those business goals.

The assessment identifies cost take-outs & other efficiencies to fund new revenue-generating capabilities.

MVP provides a roadmap for updating IT priorities & effectiveness.

 Use Results to Develop Your IT Strategy

Objectively measure & report on IT performance enables senior management to:

Show the demand for IT services

Re-examine the prioritization of the IT budget

Better understand business needs

Build a multi-year IT strategy


A good strategy yields good management.

Ensuring the Timely Arrival of IT at Your Business Destination

On complex projects, it is easy to go off track.

IT leaders should rely on best practices before, during, and after a project. Following the delivery of an MVP IT Assessment, insurers commonly find that they can:

Complete projects better, faster, and more cost-effectively using best practices and practical tools

Save critical dollars with better vendor management and project selection

Improve IT decisions using data-driven gated investment criteria

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