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Enterprise Data Governance & Design

Only disciplined organizations can unlock value from the external data becoming available. Will you be able to utilize these new sources to operate optimally?

Real practices, policies and action are need up front or the result is data pollution. Moving toward leveraging advanced analytics and data monetization is full of challenges.


CxOs are faced with questions:

  • Are our internal and external data clean or polluted? What level of variance should we allow “bits per terabyte”?

  • How many internal and external sources have been validated?

  • How can our organization manage data in a disciplined manner?

  • What capabilities are required to reach our destination?

  • Do we have the right data governance strategy?

  • De we have an engineered design for leveraging new analytic capability?

  • What is needed to implement it?

Past data projects may have demonstrated internal data provided little economic benefit.


How can you ensure the next investment will provide competitive and profitable returns?

Successfully implementing a disciplined approach and environment to govern data is critical. MVP helps craft a plan and design to get the most from your data, whether internal or external, from personal information to cyber security.

MVP’s Enterprise Data Governance & Design includes:

  • Data governance assessment

  • Internal & external data pollution testing

  • Data policies, practices & procedures

  • Data organizational agility

  • Enterprise data strategies & architectures

  • Data roi metrics & criteria


MVP’s Enterprise Data Governance & Design addresses:

  • Data utilization for decision making

  • Data utilization within Customer Selection, Underwriting, Pricing, Claims & Information

  • Leveraging emerging data sources & technology

  • Increasing innovation

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