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Platform Consolidation

Innovative Partners for the Digital Insurance Industry

When you need to consolidate to improve company margins and extract current funds for future investment, call MVP.

The investments required for transformation can come from consolidating the current platform to free investment resources.


Today’s insurance landscape requires an agile organization, fed by volumes of data across legacy and emerging technologies that can work together to stay ahead of the digital customer expectations and competition.

The pressure is increased to streamline, reduce costs and increase speed to market by retiring outdated processes, systems and workforce skills.


Insurers must also combine new and current solutions while consolidating the organizational footprint.


On top of that, cloud integration is imperative.

What does this mean to your


Shared Services Platform?

Organizational footprint?

Technology Stack?


Resolving process and system integration issues while simplifying the business, process, technology and organizational platform is complex.


The scope can span the enterprise and include TPAs, suppliers and clients. Impacts not only affect technology but also the people and processes critical for ensuring ROI.

Let MVP's unmatched expertise work for you.

Working with MVP enables you to leverage our industry experience, hands-on development and delivery of insurance consolidated platforms, deep insurance operations insight and deep business knowledge.


As trusted advisors, we helps you better align and consolidate your enterprise service, technology, workforce, real estate and tangible assets to maximize value.


We help consolidate front, middle and back office insurance operations and technology, offering change management, program management, implementation management and oversight to provide a comprehensive Platform Consolidation solution.


We can help you lower costs, accelerate benefit realization, and simplify the complexity associated with significant technology change.

MVP's Platform Consolidation Offering includes:



Operational (Geographic & Positional) Consolidation Assessment

Technology & Infrastructure Consolidation Assessment

Workforce Consolidation & Leverage Assessment

Financial Consolidation & Leverage Assessment

Real Estate Consolidation Assessment

Reduction in Operating Model Expense

Platform Consolidation Program Design

Platform Consolidation Program Management

System Decommission Strategy Design



Integrated Platform Consolidation Program

Critical Consolidation Priorities & Sequencing

Key Operational, Financial, Customer & Workforce Metrics

Aligned Sourcing Management Strategy & Implementation

Deliverable Margin Milestones & Results Tracking

Future State Standard Operating Procedures

Oversite to Maintain Operational & Security Integrity

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