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Software Application Selection 


Innovative Partners for the Digital Insurance Industry

Emerging technologies, increasing customer expectations, and changing vendor pools are causing new organizational challenges.

The customer-focused digital insurance industry is innovative and exciting, but the change it brings can be daunting. New advances add pressure to modernize your technologies quickly.


Outdated systems and expensive systems requiring high maintenance are just two situations that prompt the need for new software systems.


But most organizations don’t have the expertise, market knowledge, methodology or resources to efficiently and effectively handle the software selection process.

MVP does.

Our Software Application Selection Service includes the following components:

Client/Vendor Business and Functional Assessment

Technology and Operational Alignment Assessment

Customized Solution Scoring and Implementation Approach


Software Selection & Sourcing Service Phases

Phase 1 

Perform Client Current State

Analysis & Vendor Assessment


Client Current State Analysis

Best Practice Future State Analysis

Technology Capability Analysis

Vendor Capability to Requirements Analysis


Phase 1 Deliverables


Current State Assessment

Enterprise Strategy Decomposition

Technology Implementation Gap Analysis

Prioritized Solution Requirements Checklist

Targeted Vendor List Aligned with Customer Priorities

Vendor Capabilities to Requirements Scoring Matrix

Determine Solution Strategy


Create RFP 

Identify Vendor Short List for RFP 

Issue RFP

Score Vendors to Key Solution Requirements

Produce Vendor Short List for Demo Invitations

Manage Delivery of High Quality Demos


Understand Functionality, Implementation Requirements & Costs by Vendor

Evaluate & Score Vendors

Map Future Solution to Enterprise Architecture

Determine Top 2 Solution Options, Secure Stakeholder Agreement & Finalize

Phase 2  

Determine Future Solution Strategy

Phase 2 Deliverables


Initial Vendor Evaluation & Shortlist

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Vendor Cost Analysis

Vendor Scoring

Proof of Functionality Demo Script

Finalize Solution & Implementation Approach


Evaluate the Top 2 Solution Options

Facilitate Final Vendor Decision

Develop Solution Implementation Plan and Project Charter

Develop Implementation Pricing (Finalize Cost & Resource Requirements)

Phase 3 Deliverables


Recommendation Support Materials

Contract Negotiation Management

High Level Implementation Plan

Business & Financial summary of Total Cost of Ownership

Phase 3  

Finalize Solution & Implementation Approach

MVP can take you there.

Leveraging our industry experience, software selection and sourcing methodology, MVP works with you to assess where you are and where you need to be.

Together we work on your enterprise business strategy, technology roadmap, infrastructure needs, stakeholders’ perspectives, and unique requirements. Our streamlined and focused Software Selection process generates stakeholder engagement, assures an objective evaluation, and ensures selection of the right vendor.

For high-level generic software comparison analysis, it’s OK to go with the analyst firms and their quadrants. But, if you want to select, define, align and understand the technology implementation implications as part of deciding the right software solutions, go with the insurance and software experts at MVP.

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