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Talent Management

Today’s insurance industry is facing the critical challenge of attracting, developing and retaining engaged and skilled talent. Finding and hiring the right talent ranks as the 3rd Top Challenge for North American insurers. Being able to increase collaboration levels and manage well across generations is fast becoming a critical capability and driver of both innovation and talent retainment. As former HR and IT insurance industry executives, we at MVP understand what it takes to attain and retain talent in the digital insurance industry. We can help you redesign your Talent Practices and build an agile, engaged and high performing workforce than can enable growth and mobility.

Create Talent Programs that operationalize people strategies and lead to an engaged, skilled and agile workforce.


MVP’s Talent Management Service includes:

  • HR Initial Assessment

  • Recruiting & Onboarding Strategy Design

  • Culture/Employee Experience Audit Design

  • Performance Management System Design

  • Leadership Development System Design

  • Succession Planning System Design

  • Coaching Strategy Development


Contact Us. We can help.

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