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Technology and Business Operations Transformation Case Studies


IT Transformation Capability Assessment

Provided a mid-sized multi-line insurance carrier CFO an IT assessment for action by a to be hired CIO. Identified issues that the new CIO would have to address quickly. Recommended solutions for gaps in IT execution and validated the approach that the carrier ultimately took to re-organize IT and recruit a CIO. Subsequently coached CIO and staff on attainment of transformation objectives.

Technology and Operations Transformation for Insurance Brokerage

Oversaw the transition of the spin-off of a billion dollar subsidiary insurance from the insurance brokerage parent company to a large private equity firm that required a pre- and post-implementation road-map, transition planning and the creation of a new shared services operation for the subsidiary post-divestiture.

Shared Services Development and Optimization for Commercial Property Casualty Brokerage

Spearheaded a Strategic Cost Reduction and Consolidation project focusing on delivering business process resources to design the productivity improvements that could be gained by developing best practice workflows for middle market business. Made substantial contributions to the strategic assessment and development of the Information Technology department. Scope included a go forward with plan that determined the impact of outsourcing and insourcing key functions of the group.


Leveraging Big Data

Handled and coordinated the execution of an information analytics environment that supported their members business needs. Project required senior program management, project management, business analytical and technical senior information specialists to support design and manage the implementation of the desired solution.


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