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Building the Insurance Workforce



MVP creates talent programs that operationalize people strategies and lead to an

engaged, skilled and agile workforce.​

Today’s insurance industry is facing a critical need to attract, develop and retain engaged and skilled talent. Finding and hiring the right talent is increasingly challenging North American insurers. Increasing collaboration levels and managing well across generations are now critical capabilities and drivers of both innovation and talent retainment. As former HR and IT insurance industry executives, we at MVP understand what it takes to attain and retain talent in this digital insurance industry. We can help you redesign your Talent Practices to build an agile, engaged and high performing workforce that is excited about new ways of working and that enables growth and mobility.

Talent Management for Insurance

MVP Talent Management Services provide the results you need. 

MVP Talent Management Services

Talent Initial Assessment

Recruiting & Onboarding Strategy Design

Culture/Employee Experience Audit Design

Performance Management System Design

Leadership Development System Design

Succession Planning System Design

Coaching Strategy Development

Talent Management Services Deliverables 

Talent Acquisition Blueprint

High Performance & Development Coaching Training

Flexible Succession Framework

Leadership Development Action Plan

Engagement & Employee Experience Surveys/Action Plans

Performance Management Tools & Implementation Plan

Workforce Transformation & Talent Management Principals

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