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Building the Insurance Workforce



Digital Workforce Design

Digital Workforce Design merges Enterprise Business Strategy with Talent Strategy to build strategic capabilities and an optimized workforce, one that can take you into the future of the Digital Insurance Industry.


As former insurance industry executives, we at MVP have the knowledge and experience to help you develop and implement a straightforward workforce design strategy aligned to your organizational capabilities, one that will enable you to rethink your workforce needs for a digital future and design a strategic digital workforce plan.

Create a Workforce Design Strategy that takes you confidently into the digital future.



We work with you to elevate workforce planning by integrating it into the Enterprise Business Strategy process.  By examining distinct business scenarios that will exist in the new digital insurance industry, we help you make critical workforce determinations around formal structures, processes, systems, roles, and relationships.  By coordinating with strategic stakeholders involved with technology, budgeting and risk management, we identify talent implications that could accelerate or derail strategic objectives.  Together, we develop concrete action plans to build your workforce of tomorrow.

Our Digital Workforce Design Service empowers clients to evaluate potential business scenario demands and determine actions that enable execution. 


We help you determine:

  • What types of work will most likely be automated or replaced with robotics/AI?

  • What data and analytics are needed to better inform our workforce strategy?

  • How many people would the enterprise business strategy execution require?

  • What competencies would be required to achieve success in future business models?

  • How will new workforce value be derived and defined?

  • What barriers exist that could limit access to needed talent?

MVP’s Digital Workforce Design Service includes:

  • Workforce Initial Assessment

  • Critical Role Identification

  • Future State Role/Skill Identification

  • Workforce Planning Process Standardization

  • Future Business Scenario Development

  • Workforce Demand Evaluation & Action Planning

Digital Workforce Design Deliverables include:

  • Workforce Current State Assessment

  • Future State Assessment with Gap Analysis

  • Detailed Workforce Future State (e.g. Roles, Skills, Behaviors)

  • Workforce Roadmap

Workforce Transformation & Talent Management Principals

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