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HR Transformation


Is your HR area so focused on tactical efforts that the strategic component is short-changed? As former executives, we at MVP have firsthand experience with leadership challenges and pressures. HR operational excellence and cost optimization can result in more capacity and resources that can focus on strategic alignment, build a high performing culture, and drive organizational transformation. MVP can help you create the HR Roadmap, Organizational Design and HR Operational Model that are right for you. Now is the time to leverage capabilities and realize the benefits of a strong and agile HR organization.

Transform your HR organization into an influential and strategic business partner.

MVP can help you...

Identify strategic priority areas

Optimize HR functions to increase capacity, reduce costs & improve stakeholder satisfaction

Develop/refine your People Strategy

Align the People Strategy to the Enterprise Business Strategy

Build HR capabilities to support both the People & Business Strategies​

MVP Human Resources Transformation

MVP’s HR Transformation Services

HR Current State Assessment

HR Strategy Design

HR Diagnostics

HR Maturity Model


HR Transformation Deliverables 

HR Transformation Project Plan

HR Current State Assessment

HR Satisfaction Scorecard

HR Alignment & Capacity Scorecard

HR Maturity Model Assessment

HR Policy Analysis & Recommendations

HR Future State Organization Design

HR Operational Roadmap

Performance Management Plan

Workforce Transformation & Talent Management Principals

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