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Advanced Low Code

Advanced Low Code Solutions are rapidly becoming a key tool for business and IT insurance leaders to rapidly and inexpensively deploy new automation. Low code solutions are particularly effective for insurers and brokers because insurance is one of the few industries which relies on a wide range of packaged and in-house solutions that were implemented many years ago. As regulations, product designs and purchase and service options proliferate, the resulting dramatic business changes are exposing multiple “white spaces” across key insurance business functions. The insurance ecosystem is eager for quick but robust software solutions at a reasonable cost – and this is the promise that low code software holds out. MVP’s objective in supporting Advanced Low Code Solutions is to enable insurers and brokers to secure the fruit of that promise using the right combination of domain depth, business alignment, technology acumen and project execution.


MVP has an Advanced Low Code Solutions team that can offer a full range of relevant low code services:

  • Strategy – Blueprints, Roadmaps and Business Cases

  • Fit for purpose Vendor Selection

  • Solution Delivery

  • Integration Deliver

  • Post-Implementation Support

  • Change Management

  • Process Selection, Governance Design

How is MVP Different?

  • We focus exclusively on the Insurance industry. Over the last 10 years we’ve executed a wide range of strategy, advisory and implementation projects to generate incremental revenue and solve diverse operating issues.

  • The breadth of our domain expertise covers the Life, Annuity, Supplemental Health and Commercial, Specialty and Personal Property & Casualty lines of business.

  • Our experienced consultants have held senior roles in both business and IT insurance functions. Our deep cross-functional perspective generates the IT and business alignment that creates practical low code strategies, blueprints and roadmaps.

  • Strong understanding of insurance industry vendor platforms means we can make judicious recommendations on which “white spaces” are good candidates for Low Code Solutions versus implementing a commercial SaaS application.

  • Our experts drive value creation by reducing the runway between business goals and solution deployment.

  • We deploy a flexible methodology that suits the unique needs of Low Code projects.

  • Our team has experience with multiple Low Code platforms and can select the one that fits our client’s needs best.

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