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Our Vision

To give the insurance industry underdogs a fighting chance.

Our Mission

Be the top insurance consulting company in the eyes of our small and medium-sized insurance clients -- whether they are carriers, brokers or vendors.  Help them stay operationally competitive with the big boys through our blend of unique people, intellectual capital, tools and methodologies -- all for a fair price and fair return.

Our Values

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Loyalty

  • Team Player (team over self)

  • Engaged

  • Client Driven

  • Solution Centered

  • Fun Loving

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We are looking for passionate individuals that believe in what we do. 

Is it your turn to be a part of something big?


Many of our consultants don’t fit a neat job description. We pride ourselves on giving advice and value across a broad range of insurance functions and roles.  If you feel that you have valuable insight that we can provide our insurance industry clients, simply attach your resume and we’ll contact you.  We’re always looking to expand the universe of people we know who can provide valuable advice on improving insurance carrier, vendor, and broker performance.
Managing Partners

Managing Partners at MVP are responsible for establishing the strategic vision of the organization and building vertical practices and teams.  As a Managing Partner of MVP you will be responsible for building your team and your business and overseeing delivery of services within your channel.


MVP Partners are well respected C-Level experts in their field.  They have experienced the complexity of tough projects and have a proven track record of successfully executing on organizational objectives. As an MVP Partner, you can put those skills to work for our client organizations as we guide them through their transformation initiatives. 


MVP Associates are uniquely positioned to pursue their passion for helping companies grow.  They work with MVP Partners and Managing Partners to build sustainable solutions for our client organizations and build strong networks in the insurance industry.  Do you want to experience a diverse, fast paced and rewarding opportunity?  

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