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Our Services

Our Services

From the development of Data Strategy and Roadmaps, to assessment of existing data programs, to the full design, development, and testing of comprehensive data components, MVP combines world-class experience with industry best practices to deliver business value aligned with client priorities. 


The future of insurance is digital and the digitally-immersed consumers of today have grown accustomed to being able to interact with a company anytime from any device. If you're thinking digital, you are thinking about the whole progression required to service an external request from an agent, broker, or consumer. 



The future of insurance is digital today because today's digitally-immersed consumers have grown accustomed to interacting with financial services anytime from any device. When thinking digital, think about the entire digital ecosystem necessary to service an external request from an agent, broker, or consumer. That's what we do.



MVP provides advisory services based on our collective experience and proven methodologies. Our model utilizes industry standards and best practices yet enables us to tailor our services to leverage your strengths, skills and resources.



Advanced Low Code Solutions are a key tool for insurance business and IT leaders to rapidly and inexpensively deploy new automation. Low code solutions are particularly effective for insurers and brokers because our industry continues to rely on a wide range of special-purpose packaged and in-house solutions that would benefit from having a consistent low code user experience and process.


Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Life & Annuity


Have a Life Insurance Industry challenge? 

 Does it involve marketplace disruption?

Customer expectations? Technology, people & processes? 

MVP helps life insurers quickly adapt and modernize processes, products and technology to incorporate innovative ideas that enable growth and mobility. We work side by side with you to develop practical, yet high-impact operational and technological strategies that can propel your organization into the future.

Property & Casualty


Have a Property & Casualty Insurance Industry challenge?

Does it involve Digital Engagement? Advanced Analytics?

Core Technology Change?

Transformational Operating Models?

MVP helps our clients and chosen vendors reach their destination on the Client Transformation Journey. From strategic planning to implementation to optimization, MVP’s proven outcomes deliver improved technology and operations to the specialty, commercial, and personal property and casualty marketplace. 

Our Leadership

Bostick,Russ _0984_edited.jpg

Russ Bostick,

MVP Managing Partner

"We are able to help insurers succeed due to the diverse nature of our experienced staff and our deep commitment to client success."

Vucovich with Tie.jpg

Donn Vucovich,

MVP Managing Partner

"MVP brings the experience we've learned working in large organizations, in business and technology, to small and mid-size carriers to help them in their paths, partnering with them as we guide them through their transformation initiatives."

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